In the ancient groves where secrets dwell,
The Druid’s prophecy they foretell,
Within Earth’s embrace the roots take hold,
A steadfast message through ages untold.

Upon the Air, the whispers of change,
A dance of leaves in stones arranged.
The winds, they herald to lands afar,
A call to unity, no soul too far.

In the Fire’s flames, the forge of light,
A gift of transformation – day and night.
Passions blaze and hearts desire,
An inner spark – the eternal fire.

Water’s flow, the sacred stream,
Reflects the truth in nature’s dream.
From the springs, the wisdom’s gleaned,
Life’s fluid grace, like visions deemed.

In Spirit’s realm, where worlds entwine,
The mystics weave, in rhythms divine.
The prophecy unfolds, the seer’s art,
In unity, all souls play their part.

The Druid’s wisdom, of land and sky,
The ancient echoes of tales gone by.
A prophecy woven in nature’s grand,
A circle unbroken, where all may stand.

  • Steven Trotter is a graphic designer (UX/UI, web & branding), photographer, and maker living and working on the Oregon Coast. Trotter Steven