“Dark Arenas” by audiochuck


Every day thousands of people work in these Dark Arenas. They’ve chosen professions that grapple with the grotesque, deal with the deviant, and dodge the dangerous.

In this audiochuck original series, you will hear firsthand accounts of what it’s like to investigate the darkest crimes and most violent criminals in society.

Host Delia D’Ambra has traveled across the United States to collect one-on-one interviews with crime scene experts, FBI agents, forensic interviewers, medical examiners, DEA agents, a former CIA director, ATF special agents, and more. Each week she works to understand how these professionals’ jobs affect them, and most importantly, why they keep at it day after day.

Trigger Warnings: Violence, Murder, True Crime, Child Abuse, Kidnapping, Violence

Category/Genre: True Crime

Host: Delia D’Ambra

Sleep Friendly: Pretty good listen as you drift off. There are a few ads but they are for related podcasts. Nothing loud enough to disturb you. Just catch up the next morning. You don’t want to miss any details.

Seasons (as of this review): 1

More information & subscribe: https://darkarenas.com/

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