“Rattled & Shook” by Tenderfoot TV

Summary: Rattled & Shook is a weekly discussion-based, horror-comedy podcast. Think of it as a variety show for all things creepy-adjacent and horror-lite. Join hosts Aprile and Meredith every week for new scary stories, horror-themed games, special guests, and more. 

Production Notes: The show harkens back to old radio programs of the past, with fun sound design and score. Each episode, Aprile and Meredith will immerse themselves in new scary stories and react in real-time. Featured stories include haunted houses, creepy encounters, and supernatural experiences. Tune in for an all-around good time.

Steven’s Notes: If you enjoyed “Radio Rental”, featuring Rainn Wilson, you will love this as well. It’s basically a spin-off. There’s even a guest appearance by Rainn’s character. Each episode features some comical chatting with dramatic readings of user-submitted scary stories. The stories they pick are really good and usually include either a good twist or a chilling moment.

Trigger Warnings: Horror stories featuring scary moments, but never any violence.

Category/Genre: Horror

Hosts: Aprile Ruha & Meredith Stedman

Sleep Friendly: This one is great for drifting off to. There are rarely loud sounds or ads.

Seasons (as of this review): 1

More information & subscribe: https://rattledandshook.com/

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