Podcast: “Someone Knows Something”

Someone Knows Something by CBC Podcasts

Summary: “Someone Knows Something,” abbreviated as SKS, is a podcast created by David Ridgen, an acclaimed Canadian filmmaker and writer. It made its debut in March 2016 and is a project where Ridgen serves as the host, writer, and producer, with Cesil Fernandes handling the mixing duties. Additionally, the series involves production contributions from Chris Oke and is overseen by the executive producer, Arif Noorani.

Production Notes: Through the lens of investigative journalism, Ridgen unfolds a true-crime cold case narrative across several episodes. The episodes are scheduled for weekly release. In Season 1, the episode durations typically spanned from 15 to 40 minutes. Season 2 episodes, on the other hand, ranged from 32 to 80 minutes in length. Season 4 made its debut in February 2018, Season 5 was published in October 2018, Season 6 in 2020, Season 7 in 2022, and the most recent season, Season 8, premiered in 2023.

Trigger Warnings: Bullying, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Murder, Racism, Kidnapping, Human Trafficking

Category/Genre: True Crime

Host: David Ridgen

Sleep Friendly: I would not recommend this podcast to fall asleep to. The production of this podcast, including the reporting, hosting, and audio design, is excellent and deserves your full attention.

Seasons (as of this review): 8

More information & subscribe: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/cbc-podcasts/128-someone-knows-something

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