“The Estate” by TenderfootTV


Sonoro and Tenderfoot TV launch The Estate on September 13, 2023, a new true crime documentary podcast that follows host Alex Estrada as he tries to solve a family mystery: Was his dad involved in a murder?

In the early evening on New Year’s Eve, in 1973, a 34-year-old man was found bleeding to death on a downtown street in Stockton, California. In his dying moments, he named the men behind his murder: Calvin Jones and Rosalio Estrada. 50 years later, Alex Estrada, Rosalio’s son, sets off to find out if his father did it. “The Estate,” which features seven episodes, is a podcast that blends true crime and family memoir to look at the complicated legacy we are left with when people die.

“Every family has a story like this: a dark chapter that goes unspoken or unsaid,” said Estrada. “Though I created this show to learn more about my father, my journey led me to unsettling discoveries about the justice system in San Joaquin County and its consequences on Black and brown families. My dream is for The Estate to push others, particularly the federal government, to scrutinize police and prosecutorial practices from the 1970s and 1980s and revisit convictions from that era. At the very least, I hope it encourages listeners to explore their own complicated family histories before they are forgotten or lost.”

Trigger Warnings: Murder, Violence

Category/Genre: True Crime

Host: Alex Estrada

Sleep Friendly: Pretty good listen as you drift off. There are a few ads but they are for related podcasts. Nothing loud enough to disturb you. Just catch up the next morning. You don’t want to miss any details.

Seasons (as of this review): 1

More information & subscribe: https://tenderfoot.tv/shows/

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