“Up and Vanished: Under the Midnight Sun” by TenderfootTV


Up and Vanished is an investigative documentary-style podcast hosted by Payne Lindsey. The series investigates missing persons cold cases by reviewing old leads, interviewing witnesses and townspeople, and on-site investigation. The show is produced by Tenderfoot TV.

Last observed on August 31st, 2020, 33-year-old Florence Okpealuk mysteriously disappeared from Nome, Alaska, a secluded subarctic town distinguished by its rugged Alaskan wilderness. Nome stands apart from the rest of the United States. Alaska experiences nearly constant daylight from mid-April to mid-August, suggesting Florence likely vanished in broad daylight — a rarity for missing persons cases.

Payne Lindsey ventures into Nome to delve into Okpealuk’s mysterious absence, conducting interviews with her family and witnesses, and embarking on undercover missions. His goal: to seek justice for the Okpealuk family and confront the stark reality of the disproportionately high number of missing and murdered Indigenous individuals in the U.S., particularly among Native Alaskans.

Trigger Warnings: Murder, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, MMIP, MMIW

Category/Genre: True Crime

Host: Payne Lindsey

Sleep Friendly: Very good to listen to as you drift off. Just catch up the next morning.

Seasons (as of this review): 4

More information & subscribe: https://upandvanished.com/

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