Went on a short hike today on the Crestline Park Woodland Trail here in Waldport. It is a gorgeous trail. Unfortunately, I had a mishap with my lens and I didn’t bring a backup. So, I only got a photo of Crystal but it’s such a good one! She was harvesting some local, medicinal native plants to put in our garden here at home. I told her this needs to be her author photo if she ever writes an ebook about the medicinal herbs in the PNW. 😂 I think we’ll take another trip up there with several different lenses to get some more shots of both Crystal and the trail.

I also tried out my new macro tubes on my Sony a6000 to see if I could get some closeups of flowers in our garden. The lighting wasn’t the best, and I used a vintage manual lens, so they are a bit out of focus. But it was a great test. I think I will bite the bullet and order a full-frame Sony soon just to get much better image stabilization and a few more megapixels for these macro shots. We’ll see. I’m going to think about it for a few days.

Oh! I actually did catch a tiny spider on the Garden Roses. Check out the photo below and see if you can spot him. 😄

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