Notes: Friends very often ask me about podcasts to listen to since I listen to them 6-8 hours a day. The problem with listening so much is that I go through them so quick that I forget to recommend them. So, I will start posting them here – when I remember to. Also, a few disclaimers: I will always include a link to the podcast’s website when available so that you can find the appropriate link to subscribe with your chosen podcast fetcher. I use Apple Podcasts, so there may be times that I recommend Apple-only podcasts without realizing it. Before anyone asks, I will not switch to, try out, or add other podcast fetchers to my daily routine. I have OCD & ADHD and it’s just not happening. Love you, though. Also, I won’t be adding a star rating at any time to these recommendations. I don’t believe in stars. This isn’t a grey area of life. If I’m recommending it, I loved it. If I hated it, to be blunt, I clearly wouldn’t recommend it for you to spend 8-10 hours on. I don’t deal in half-ass efforts. Love you, still. ❤️️

Dark Valley by Crawlspace Media

Summary: Excellent serial murder mystery. A woman who survived a serial killer decades ago works with a reporter to try to find out who the killer was by analyzing the other women’s cases and, through the process, getting to know her counterparts’ lives.

Trigger Warnings: It’s a tear-jerker at times due to first-hand accounts of assault and the lack of answers for those involved. Obviously, it also includes discussions of serial murders, sexual assaults, and violence.

Host/Reporter: Jennifer Amell reminds me of the host of Park Predators and Counter Clock, Delia D’Ambra. Calm, level delivery of the facts without any drama or antics.

Reporting Style: Very in-depth reporting with tons of background information uncovered. First-hand accounts from witnesses and family vs dramatic reenactments.

Sleep Friendly: I would say it is one you could listen to during your nightly routine due to the host’s tone of voice and lack of drama/reenactments.

Seasons (as of this review): 1

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